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So Simple To Create Facebook Page In Five Minutes Wether Its Is Bussiness Page Or Personal Page.

How to Create Your Facebook Page Just in few Simple Steps If Its Your Business Page or Personal Page.

Let's Check How You Will Create Your First Facebook Page.

As We Know Facebook Is the Largest Social Network In World Every Each Person had Joined With the Facebook because It is, everywhere tons of users all around the world are uploading billions of data on Facebook and sharing billions of Videos, Images, and many more Data on Facebook It is the Biggest platform for chatting with friends and videos sharing and even you can grow your business on this vast social media.
So Let's Go into the Deep Knowledge That How to create a facebook page. For you Business and Earn money by growing your facebook page. 
Yes you Heard right you can earn money from facebook page , While it is not easy as you think, you have to make your facebook page with high users and followers so you can get sponsorship and much more promotional, And even you can earn money by posting other Post in your facebook page , this is the power of creating facebook page.
Let's Move on Our Main Topic That How to create a Facebook Page in Simple Steps.
If You are User of facebook so you know the Facebook interface to create facebook page if you are new on facebook then you have to create first facebook account and then after you can create a facebook page. If you are the daily user of the facebook, so let's go ahead and create facebook page in a few simple clicks.

How to create facebook page
How to create facebook page

When you logged in your Facebook account you will get your facebook dashboard were you can do all activities like Posting post and videos, but on the top of the next to search near you will see your profile and next to it Home button near that you will see create button just Tap on them and you will see a lot of option, tap on the First button as shown in the above image Just Like Create Page.

Remember this will show in desktop so if you are desktop, prefer the above image and for mobile users, you will see some different UI but it is similar to the desktop.
create facebook page
Create a Facebook Page

After tapping on create button you will see the second page in which you will see two option First is business or brand Option and second option you will see Community or public figure Options so, if you are Interest in making facebook business page ,then you have to click on business page option or else if you want to make a community or public figure page were you can build community then you can choose the second Option.

A Facebook business page is for the business who wants to grow there business by building a community of business and many more.

I recommend to you to make the second choice for creating facebook page because it is easy to set up and manage, here you can regularly update you post and contents and, you can invite to your friends and many other Facebook users.

You can promote your Facebook page to the world wide so you will gain more likes and followers, but your content should be more engagement.

Lets Select Second option Community Page.

creating facebook page

So After Selecting Second Option, You Will Be Asked for you for your page Name, And Category, Make sure your Name of the Page will be Unique and Good Catchy Name And In Which Category You are making a page for that just select That category. And Proceed To Next option.

So After Creating Your Brand Name And Your Type Of category Now Click On Continue And And you Will See the Option to Upload your Profile Picture, Make Sure your Profile Picture Must Be according to the size of the Facebook guideline, So it will fit into Profile Picture.

Then continue to Next Page You will be asked to upload your facebook cover Photo. Make Sure your Facebook cover photo of the size of 820*320.

And Finally, you will Create the Facebook Page Were you can Do all activities and more.


Now you Learned How to Create Facebook Page in just a Few steps . Hope you Had followed the Steps and successfully create your facebook page.

If you Have Any Question Regarding this topic Please Make Sure You drop a comment, So We will Help In Replying Your comment.

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